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CSL Behring Heimburger Awards)

Prof Heimburger Award

Celebrating Science

Professor Norbert Heimburger, a CSL Behring employee for more than three decades, was a pioneer of modern coagulation therapy. Among his many achievements, Prof Heimburger (1926-2006) developed plasma products based on pasteurisation.

In his honour, CSL Behring created the Heimburger Award global research grant to recognise the clinical and/or preclinical research of emerging coagulation specialists who are driven to improve the care of patients with bleeding disorders. 

Grant Details and Eligibility

Heimburger Award

CSL Behring will offer five global start-up grants of €20,000 each.

The grants are reserved for researchers who hold a medical degree or a PhD. Applicants with less than five years of faculty experience in haemostasis will be preferred.

No matching funding is a prerequisite for this grant. The grants will be available for clinical and/or preclinical research in coagulation.

For further information please contact .

GBR-CRP-0421 March 2023