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Pharmacovigilance & Traceability

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UK/CORP/15-0012l. Date of preparation: July 2015
United Kingdom
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Pharmacovigilance & Traceability

CSL Behring products are continuously monitored for safety and efficacy through our extensive quality and safety systems, especially pharmacovigilance (post-marketing monitoring for possible adverse reactions) and traceability. These systems provide an additional level of oversight by tracking and monitoring any potential adverse events of manufactured products.

Pharmacovigilance is an important tool to monitor the safety of a product and detect adverse reactions. Traceability ensures that we can not only readily trace our manufactured products to a patient, but also trace our products from patient to a specific batch of products. Adverse events will be investigated, evaluated and reported to appropriate regulatory bodies.

To report an adverse event please contact Medical Information on 01444 447 405, send an email or go to

UK/CORP/15-0012b Date of preparation: July 2015