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Diversity: Good for our people and patients

When you work at a leading global biotech company with more than 27,000 employees, serving patients in more than 100 countries, you think a lot about innovation...

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When you work at a leading global biotech company with more than 27,000 employees, serving patients and protecting public health in more than 100 countries, you think a lot about innovation. In fact, you never stop thinking about innovation.

And that means having a workplace culture in which our workforce is engaged, inspired and motivated to bring their best, authentic selves to work every day.

As head of human resources for the world’s third largest biotech, I’ve seen first-hand how our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) across our organization has not only made our workplace stronger, it’s made our work stronger, too.

At CSL, we rely on our people’s diverse perspectives, ideas, capabilities and experiences to help us deliver on our promise to patients and protect public health. Simply put, diversity matters because it’s good for our people, it’s good for our business and it’s good for our patients.

Yet building an inclusive culture where diversity can thrive doesn’t happen by accident and it doesn’t happen overnight. We must continually reflect and listen to both the needs of our employees and the communities where we operate and live around the globe.

True commitment to DEI requires leaders to embrace thoughtfulness, empathy, vulnerability and the willingness to navigate complexity and have hard conversations that many workplaces haven’t typically encouraged in the past.

Our company has had a long commitment to investing resources in programmes and initiatives that promote DEI, including talent recruitment, retention and development. Each year at CSL we set measurable diversity objectives and assess our progress against those goals annually.

We take an active approach to our Corporate D&I Policy, revisiting, reviewing and revising it if needed to ensure our commitment remains true and evolves. What’s more, our board of directors reviews and approves this policy on a regular basis, underscoring the importance of our company’s efforts.

Thoughtful approach

As part of this regular assessment and reflection, we know we can do more and we are working to do so in the coming weeks, months, and years – from external collaborations and partnerships to additional investment in the development of our people.

Recent events related to social injustices and racial inequality, particularly in the U.S., are deeply concerning and they have indeed shaped our response to how we approach DEI as a global company committed to corporate social responsibility and citizenship.

We continue to take a thoughtful and deliberate approach to promoting DEI, one that aligns with our values of Patient Focus, Innovation, Integrity, Collaboration and Superior Performance. I’m proud of the many programs and policies we already have in place and continue to evolve at CSL to ensure each of our employees feel respected, valued and heard.

From our hiring processes that include ensuring we have a diverse slate of candidates for all job levels to development opportunities to ensure we retain diverse talent and develop inclusive leaders, DEI must be embedded into all areas of our company.

Making meaningful progress must also start at the top and I’m inspired knowing all of our leaders – including our CEO Paul Perreault, our Global Leadership Group and our board of directors – take responsibility for DEI. Diversity must be reflected in all levels of the company as well.

Our board is fortunate to have the expertise of three incredible female members. With the recent appointment of Joy Linton to our Global Leadership Group, we will become one of only 23 publicly-traded companies on the ASX100 in Australia with a female Chief Financial Officer. Along with Joy, our new Chief Digital Information Officer Mark Hill and me, our GLG is benefiting from more diverse voices, experiences and perspectives.

We must continue to invest in DEI , sustain it and own it. Our people, our communities and our patients deserve nothing less.


GBR-CRP-0116 February 2021